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How-To Download using Torrent Downloader

MaxSpeedbox Torrent Downloader Allow users to download torrents or magnet files directly into their account.

#STEP 1 : Navigate to Torrent Downloader
Click to navigate to Torrent Downloader section

Click on "Torrent DL" tab

#STEP 2 : Enter magnet link or upload .torrent file
In the Torrent Downloader, Enter your magnet link in this input OR upload your .torrent file and click "Transfer Files" to begin your download.

#STEP 3 : Downloading files and waiting for completion
Once you click the "Transfer Files" button, your torrent will start downloading in the background.

Your download is now completed (seeding starts)

Your downloaded files are ready in your cloud storage and ready to be downloaded into your PC.

Optionally, if you did not see any files in your storage, try reloading.

Enjoy and happy downloading! :)
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